Queensland Raceway Dec 2013

Sprint Race on "Clubman" circuit: The new front disk rotors and aluminium calipers work heaps better. My Confidence is up and I can now brake a lot latter into the corners. The Haltech IQ3 dash data shows some very interesting results.

a) Time taken to take my foot off the throttle when braking is about 3 times longer than when changing up a gear. Its as though i'm anticipating the speed at which to ease the brakes on compared to stabbing at the clutch for a gear a change.

b) The 3.7:1 diff may not be a good idea as first thought. I can't get to the rev limiter in 5th along the front straight and 3rd is too low for faster corners and 4th is too high. I think it would be faster if 4th and 5th were a bit lower.  

Passenger ride day on "National" circuit: This was the second outing this month, QR put on a special day so we could take sponsors, crew or family members out as passengers. I took a few mates out but time was limited due to the turbo/manifold gasket failing. We did manage to get a few runs in.