Nissan 200sx S15 Interior

Nissan 200sx S15 Interior

Door Panels

Sept-2017 :  The Original door panels were never going to fit after the roll cage was installed so I manufactured new panels from aluminium sheet. The winder lift mechanism was deleted from the passengers door so the resulting door panel is flat with no switches, I had to retain the drivers side window mechanism and the electric mirror controller. 

The finish is vinyl wrap :(

Shift Light

August-2012 : I have just fitted an Ecliptech, Shift i tacho / shift light.  Its very simple to install and  program. It should help with getting the gear changes  right at the next event.

August-2013 : I removed this as the IQ3 dash has a shift light included 

Stripped Out 

The interior was stripped out and the body tar removed. Eventually it will be all painted body colour when the roll cage is fitted.  

August 2012 : Vehicle weighed at Morgan Park Raceway . 1145Kg with no driver. Thats reasonably light to start with. It shouldn't be too difficult to get it under 1100kg.


Sept-2015 :  The new wiring is slowy taking shape. Battery remains mounted in the rear pasenger floor. New master battery, ignition and Starter button mounted. A smaller dash/console panel to hold all the fuses.

Instument Cluster

July-2012 : I replaced the standard warning bulbs with 16mm LED lights. These are a lot bigger and brighter. The layout is not the same as the original ligths. 

  • Red - Low Oil Pressure ( Factory Sensor)
  • Yellow - Low Oil Pressure ( 25psi sensor)
  • Red - Ignition (RHS)
  • Green - Turn Signal
  • Blue - High Beam

Haltech Dash

August 2013: I fitted a new Haltech IQ3 dash for data logging. Whilst most of the dash data comes from the ECU via the CAN bus, I also fitted a fuel and Oil Pressure sensors.



December 2013: The dash has developed its own personality - I set the engine temperature to be displayed in degC and it saves OK and happily displays the correct temperature - a few cycles of the ignition on/off and it decides that the engine temperature is better off in degF - The first time it did this I nearly died when i looked at the temperature. After a call to Haltech it appears this is a known issue and i have to return the dash to be updated.

Race Seat

Feb-2013 : Just fitted a new SPARCO race seat. Fitment required removal of the original cross brace that the standard seats bolted to and some panel beating of the gearbox tunnel. The mounting brackets and floor washers are all made from high grade aluminium.

The seat is bit too wide and the right shoulder support hit the door panel. This was easily fixed buy heating up the back of the door panel using a heat gun and reshaping the door panel to get more clearance.

Jan-2014 : In preparation for fitting a roll cage the seat had to be lowered. This required removal of the original floor mounts so the seat runners could be bolted directly on to the floor. The after market seat runners had failed after 12 months and finding a good set of low profile seat runners suitable for a race seat is not easy. I ended up with a set of seat runners from a Hyundai Elantra which are only 20 mm high and have locking mechanisms in both rails.