Air Ducts

ducting oil coolerFeb 2020: I spent some time early this year fabricating air ducts for the oil cooler, brakes and air cleaner. The plan is to mount the ducting on the body work and it remains in place when the front bar and splitter are removed to load the car on/off the trailer.



Rear Wing

Feb 2019:  Added a carbon fiber boot lit and rear wing to try and reduce some weight and increase down force. I incorporated stiffening frames inside he bootlid and behind the rear bumper so the rear wing was mounted as solidly as possible. 2 carbon fiber strut bars were then added between the rear wing and the stiffening frame behind the rear bar to complete the process. The car seems to have more rear end grip through high speed corners but that could just be all be in my head :)



Aug-2017. Stripped out the boot and painted it in metalic silver epoxy then refitted the fuel tank, filer and pumps. Also took the chance to fit a fuel cooler into the RHS rear guard. The hot air from the cooler blows out the factory flow through ventilation ports under the car.

Roll Cage

roll cage_02roll cage_01

Jan-2015: Finally getting more serious and getting a roll cage fitted. Its still a work in progress. The cage is being built to CAMS specifications with the plan to possibly get the car log booked as either 2B - Marque Sports Car or 2F - Production Sports Car.

new-roll-cage-3new-roll-cage-5Sept-2015: Car is back from the paint shop after getting interior painted. It looks fantastic, My only hope is that it stays this good looking after all the interior components are installed.


The two drivers side windows had both been smashed somewhere along the way. I suspect this is because the people auctioning the car did not have any keys and whist trying to lever the drivers door window out to get to the lock they managed to smash both windows.

Nov-2011 : A new drivers door glass was obtained from the wreckers but the rear side glass is still shattered.

Jul -2012 : Finally had the new rear side glass replaced with one i picked up from the wreckers a few months ago.

Aug -2017 : Replaced the rear screen, the 2 rear side windows and the passengers door windows with poly-carbonate ones from the UK, The passengers door glass is fixed as i have removed the lift motor. I retained the glass in the drivers door because I prefer it to be able to go up and down and that usually scratches the hell out of plastic windows.

Body Kit

body IMG_0640I picked up an original boot spoiler from an add in Boost Cruising, It was originally silver but the panel beater at Road And Track resprayed red.

The car did not run and most of the electronics were out of the car when the boot spoiler was fitted. It did nothing towards making the car go - but - it does look rather cool.

I have also acquired a front bar and side skirts but they can wait until after the car is going.

Vinyl Wrap

July-2013 : Plain red was just too boring for a track car so i had a partial vinyl wrap done - Chris from Kipart did a fantastic job, wherever possible he printed on the vinyl to reduce the number of layers and edges. Now it looks the part. Picture taken at Queensland Raceway practice day.



badge-nissanbadge-spec-rNew chrome badges from Ebay to replace the gold ones along with some Spec-R badges to replace thte original Spec-S badges.

The 200SX badge on the boot seems to be unique to Australia and is hideously expensive fron Nissan.


The factory wiring harness is all but gone - I am in the process of pruning it back to the bear essentials, lights, wipers, instruments etc. All the factory ECU and ABS wiring has been removed. The Battery has been replaced with a sealed unit and moved to inside the cabin on the passenger side floor. A battery isolator switch, ignition, fuel, accessory switches and a start button have been positioned on the tunnel beside the drivers seat for easy access.

May - 2012 : Only one piece of the original Nissan wiring remains and ist due for removal soon :)

July - 2013 : All remnants of the original Nissan wiring have been removed. Only the bare essentials remain to make the car run

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank had to be removed for cleaning and the internally mounted Nissan fuel pump had seized as had the aftermarket Bosch pump that was mounted under the floor. This was all replaced with a plastic fuel cell, in line filter, Holley lift pump and a Bosch main pump. The original fuel surge tank was buffed up and reused, All of the fuel lines were replaced and speed flow fittings used for all connections.



taillightThe headlights and tail lights were all completely ruined from being underwater.

A set clear rear tail lights were another Ebay purchase,

As headlights are not required for most levels of racing they have been stripped back to just the outter plastic lens and painted black.