First Time Out

Finally After 18 months of work I finally had a chance to give my Nissan 200SX a run on a race track. It was just a practice day at Queensland Raceway, no timing etc, but a good chance to make sure every thing was ok.

The acceleration in 1st and 2nd was excellent. But the first application of the brakes into turn 1 revealed the first major problem. The Brake Rotors had high spots on them and the whole car shook violently when the brakes were applied.

Down the back straight the power was even more noticable, The standard 6 speed gearbox with its close ratios helped to keep the revs up during gear changes with no noticable drop in turbo boost. The aceleration in 4th and 5th gears was good. Braking into turn 3 from over 180 kph was a nasty experience with the vibrating brakes.