In Tank Pump

The new E85 pump was fitted inside the Fuel Cell. This required the manufacture of new mounting plate to hold the pump, fuel outlet and wiring. A hole was cut into the fuel cell and the plate bolted in using a nitrile rubber gasket. A snug fitting hole was cut into the foam to accommodate the fuel pump. The Fuel pump pickup is located in a depression on the bottom of the fuel cell under the foam. I'm hoping that this is enough to prevent fuel surge.

Fuel Lines

All the fuel lines were replaced with braided teflon and new AN-6 fittings. With the converson to an in-tank fuel pump the external lift pump, surge tank and external fuel pump were all discarded. This made the plumping a lot tidier

Fuel Lines

Fuel Pump

The original Bosch 044 pump was not going to last running E85. There are differing opinions on how long they last on E85. Bosch claim 500hr, which is long time for a track only car. I've seen them last only a few race meetings and die on other cars so I wasn't going to risk running an old pump on E85. 

The new fuel pump is an in tank Proflow unit cabable of a free flow of 340LPH which should be more than i'll ever need.

Proflo Part Number: PFEFS11150



Fuel Rail

With the conversion to end feed injectors the fuel rail also need to be replaced. I used the Aeroflow billet fuel rail. This fuel rail does not require a manifold spacer, it comes with an ACV spacer which allows for the removal of the solid intake line that feeds the factory Idle Air Control Valve and the AC Idle up valve.


Note: This fuel rail comes with 3 aluminium spacers which I will be replacing with Phenolic Resin spacers to reduce the heat transfer from the manifold into the fuel rail.

aeroflow fuel rail.jpg

Fuel Injectors

The conversion to E85 required injectors capable of flowing close to 1000cc per minute. Side feed injector options are very limited so end feed injectors were used. I settled on the Bosch EV14 injector.

Bosch part number: 0 280 158 040



  • 980cc/min = 670g/min = 89lb/hr @ 3bar
  • Single cone spray
  • Compact body length
  • Extended tip nozzle
  • Jetronic connector
  • 12 ohm resistance
  • E85 compatible

 Bosch 0280158040

I wasn't sure if the long nose on these injectors was going to cause an issue but it turns out they are a very nice fit inside the manifold. They poke out a little more than the original side feed injectors but not far enough to interfer with theair flow. The pictures below are taken looking back into the intake manifold.

Injector inside manifold

Injector inside manifold - closeup