ABS Removal

October - 2012 : I finally found the time to remove the disabled ABS pump - Removal was the easy part - Re-plumbing the brake lines took a lot of time. The rear brake line was simple to refit as there is a joining block just under the steering column. The front brake lines were a bit more complex as a tee piece was required to join both left and right brake lines together. For the left front brake line I followed the original path along the top of the firewall and down the passenger side keeping the brake line as far away from the exhaust pipe as possible.

As most Japanese cars use the same type of brake lines, it was a case of go to the local wrecker and find brake lines of the required length. The replacement brake lines came from a Toyota Camry and the tee piece mounted on the booster came from a Hyundai Excel. ( See inset image )

abs removed 2