Dual Master Cylinder

November 2015 All the interior and engine bay had to be removed for the roll cage to fitted, So as part of the refit i decided to replace the standard booster/tandem master cylinder with a dual master cylinder and balance bar. I have used a Bicknell master cylinder and balance bar assembly which mounts at a 60deg angle to clear the strut tower. Fabrication of the mounting plate for the master cylinder and balance bar assembly is from 8mm 6061 aluminium.

October 2017 Added an extra brace to the dual master cylinder mounts to help stop deflection of the firewall and the strut tower. Because of the staggered locations of the master cylinders, under heavy braking they push against the side of strut tower which bends out of the way. It also starts to push the fire wall inwards. Adding a brace from the fire wall to master cylinders removed most of the deflection and made the brake pedal a lot firmer.

extra bracing.jpg