gearbox swapOriginally this 200sx was fitted with an Automatic Transmission. I purchased a standard 6 speed box that had no shifter or associated clutch components, finding just a gearstick was an impossible task so i ended up buying a second gearbox.

One of the local Brisbane wreckers had a one piece Apexi flywheel that they were happy to part company with, A new Apexi clutch and throw out bearing were purchased to go with the flywheel.

I was lucky enough to find a manual pedal set, master cylinder and slave cylinder on Ebay.  A new clutch line was manufactured rather than use the original item with built in damper. 

The guys at Road and Track performed the conversion.


Transmission SR20DET SR20DE
6-speed manual 5-speed manual
1st gear ratio 3.626 3.321
2nd gear ratio 2.200 1.902
3rd gear ratio 1.541 1.308
4th gear ratio 1.213 1.000
5th gear ratio 1.000 0.838
6th gear ratio 0.767 -
final drive (diff) 3.692 4.083