Fuel Injectors

The conversion to E85 required injectors capable of flowing close to 1000cc per minute. Side feed injector options are very limited so end feed injectors were used. I settled on the Bosch EV14 injector.

Bosch part number: 0 280 158 040



  • 980cc/min = 670g/min = 89lb/hr @ 3bar
  • Single cone spray
  • Compact body length
  • Extended tip nozzle
  • Jetronic connector
  • 12 ohm resistance
  • E85 compatible

 Bosch 0280158040

I wasn't sure if the long nose on these injectors was going to cause an issue but it turns out they are a very nice fit inside the manifold. They poke out a little more than the original side feed injectors but not far enough to interfer with theair flow. The pictures below are taken looking back into the intake manifold.

Injector inside manifold

Injector inside manifold - closeup