Brake Pedal Ratio

February 2021 The next upgrade to the brakes is to improve the hydraulic ratio on the front brakes. To do that I need to fit a larger master cylinder to the front brakes and that will make the pedal very hard to operate. The solution is to improve the pedal ratio. 

The standard pedal ratio is terrible at about 300mm to 75mm or about 4:1. To improve this I have lowered the pedal pivot by 20mm and raised the clevis pin hole by 20mm this now gives me a ratio of 300mm to 55mm or 5.5:1. This should still give me clearance around the steering column.

The original pivot pin is swaged and needs to ground away to remove the pin, Luckily the shaft is 12.5mm and easily substituted with a 1/2 inch high tensile bolt.

Note: The swaged end has a slighly conical appearance, You must grind this end off as the shaft has a step at the end.

brake pedal