Queensland Raceway March 2013

2013-03-08 09.57.12A practice day at Queensland Raceway provided the ideal chance to try out the most recent modifications to my Nissan 200sx S15. Nismo 2-way diff, Sparco race seat, A better steering wheel, Adjustable front coil over units.

WOW ! What a huge difference, The car was a lot more controllable,  I can't  wait until I get the rear coil over units fitted and lower the whole car down to a more suitable ride height. All of these mods added to much improved handling and cornering speeds.

I only had 2 issues

1) After about 10 laps the steering would shudder under heavy braking - I think i'll have to look at fitting air ducts to the brakes.

2) The exhaust came loose at the turbo allowing air in during overrun, This resulted in rather spectacular flames out of the exhaust which didn't do the paint work a log of good. Eek