clean IMG_0460The Turbo charger, Inter-cooler and manifolds all had to removed and drained of muddy water and cleaned meticulously, Both the compressor and turbine wheels in the turbo were damaged (not by the flood) and the seals were leaking oil - A new centre cartridge was fitted.

The spark plugs were removed so the engine could be cranked over to eject water from the cylinder bores. Unfortunately the starter motor had corroded internally and had to be stripped down first.

Over 15 litres of oil and water were drained from inside the sump and nearly 20 litres of old engine oil and diesel put back. The reason for putting so much oil back into the motor was so it would fill the engine up to the top of the block and displace any water and moisture from within. In 2 weeks time this brew was drained and replaced with conventional engine oil. Unfortunately the surplus oil found its way past the rings into one of the cylinders, when the engine was cranked over with the spark plugs removed it exploded every where . . . OOops