ECU - Haltech Sprint 500

When I purchased the car it was fitted with an EMS Stinger ECU running in piggy bank mode. As both the Nissan and EMS units had failed I decided to replace them both with a single ECU.

During the initial engine rebuild I fitted a Haltech Sprint 500 ECU. The Sprint 500 does not have all the features of the Platinum series ECU's but as this was a basic track vehicle the Sprint 500 is all that was required.

The Haltech ECU was dyno tuned by Signature Performance.

 Jan 2014 :  Fitted a Haltech wideband O2 sensor. At the moment its only used for tuning and logging data via the IQ3 Dash
 March 2014 :  Fitted a Haltech Boost Control Solenoid
 August 2014 :  Fitted a Haltech Intake Air Temperature Sensor and replaced the Nissan Water Temp Sensor with a Haltech one.