A New Engine

The first dyno session did not go so well - The engine eventually ran several of its bearings, probably caused by corrosion on the crank. Luckily Mick noticed the slight power drop and stopped the engine before it completely destroyed itself by throwing a con rod.

So it was engine out and re-build time.

Aside from damaging the bearings and con rods, the crank shaft was also bent and a replacement crank was sourced from another engine.



new sr20_engine

Bottom End   
  • Forged SCAT Con Rods with ARP bolts
  • ACL big end bearings 5M2964H-STD
  • ACL maim bearings 4B2960H-STD
  • Forged MAHLE Pistons NIS253405/12
  • 1.2mm MAHLE Rings 8650MS-12
  • Replaced main cap bolts with ARP studs
  • New timing chain and tensioner
  • Larger Sump (Greddy copy)
Cylinder Head
  • Head studs replaced with ARP studs 102-4701
  • New Nissan OEM Lifters
  • CROW valve springs
  • GK Tech rocker retainer plates
Cam Shafts
  • Tomei PON Camshafts (256o)
  • Tomei vernier sprocket fitted to the exhast cam only
Other Bits
  • Underdrive pulley set
  • Apexi Flywheel and Clutch
  • ARP Flywheel bolts
  • Garrett GT28 Turbo 739548-5010S