Front Suspension

Feb 2018: In an effort to make the car more stable I replaced the gktech V1 lower conroll arms with the newer V2 arms. I used the shorter +20mm > +45mm versions. This increased the front track by about 50mm but introduced a roll center issue that was easilly fixed buy using a set of Hardrace front roll center ball joints rather than OEM ball joints. Naturally the tie rod ends then had to be lowered to correct bumpsteer.  The caster plates on the strut tops are now sitting close to the factory postion and I stil have 4º neg camber.  The extra 50mm of track cleance made the front wheel fill the dmax +25mm front guards nicely - Round 1 of the Sprint series on "K" track at Morgan Park would be the testing ground and the car was a lot more stable when cornering with less understeer as well.