Front Brakes

Jul -2012 : The Nissan 200sx S15 front brakes have been replaced with Nissan R33 GT-R Skyline brakes. The Skyline has larger diameter ventilated disk rotors and 4 piston Brembo brake calipers. Obtaining the Brembo brake calipers seems near impossible so at this stage i'm retaining the standard 4 piston brake calipers and using an adapter bracket from Gktech. The Rotors used are RDA replacement rotors for the R33

   Brake Rotor
Part Number
Disk Pad
Part Number

Original Brakes

(Nissan 200SX S15)

  280 mm 30 mm 4 Piston  


(Skyline R33 GT-R)

RDA 7701

324 mm 30 mm 4 Piston

QFM Performance

QDB 1170

Oct 2013 : A slight upgrade to the front brakes has been made using the new Gktech adapters and Skyline R33 GTS-T aluminium calipers. The disk rotors were also replaced with a set of RDA grooved an dimpled versions.  This is a reasonably straight forward upgrade however there are two things to watch for.

#1. The difference in rotor diameter between the standard Nissan R33 GTS-T and the Brembo option rotors. The standard R33 STS-T disk rotor is 296mm in diameter where as the Brembo rotor is 324mm in diamter. This means the inner radius of the standard R33 calipers is too small and when first assembled the calipers will rub on the rotors. I made a cardboard template of the disk rotor and slowly reshaped the caliper using a die grinder.  

#2. The grooved and dimpled rotors are left and right handed. Take note of the labeling on the box as there is no markings on the actual rotors. If you forget there is an image on the RDA website showing the correct orientation.